"...to enclose the present moment; to make it stay; to fill it fuller and fuller, with the past, the present and the future, until it shone, whole, bright, deep with understanding."

Virgina Woolf, The Years


In Celebration: Thirty-three and 1979

Could anything be more perfect?: 1979 and Thirty-three, both perfectly meet this year for me :) (symbol means "I'm glowing with utmost joy").

I love the Smashing Pumpkins!!!!!!

As would've been rightly said back in the 90's: awesome dude!


A Congregation

If I were to summon a Pantheon, these would be its Gods: of all, the first, the Moon, and Dragons wise, among them the feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl, with his brother Tlaloc and their mother and wife Xochiquetzal; Shakti the creator, and her consort Siva; and the ever-beloved Orpheus.


To pass in odors so divine

The grass so little has to do -
A Sphere of simple Green -
With only Butterflies to brood
And Bees to entertain -
An stir all day to pretty Tunes
The Breezes fetch along -
And hold the Sunshine in its lap
And bow to everything -

And thread the Dews, all night, like Pearls -
And make itself so fine
A Duchess were too common
For such a noticing -

And even when it dies - to pass
In Odors so divine -
Like Lowly spices, lain to sleep -
Or Spikenards, perishing -

And then, in Sovereign Barns to dwell -
And dream the Days away,
The Grass so little has to do
I wish I were a Hay -

"The Grass so little has to do" by Emily Dickinson


Diez millas, o diez mil

Me lo decía como probando que las horas
que no era igual decirlo y repetirlo
que haberlo dicho ya
o haberlo repetido
                             tantas veces.

A diez millas del punto en que mis ojos
ven cualquier cosa,
ven el llamado al orden de los pájaros,
          la generosa
vacuidad de las fuentes, a diez millas
de aquí

las fuerzas del invasor se detuvieron,
sus hombres desertaron,
sus bestias, calladas, agacharon
          la frente.

Esperábamos que la pólvora estallara.
Que la velocidad imperturbable de la pólvora

Esa postergación festejan
           nuestras torres y el hueco
de las fuentes: diez millas
que nunca recorrimos y que no supieron
mantenernos a salvo del verdugo.

Casi "De la separación", de Luis Vicente de Aguinaga


Charlotte Brontë's views on marriage

I believe it is better to marry to love than to marry for love.

No girl should fall in love till the offer is actually made. This maxim is just. I will even extend and confirm it: No young lady should fall in love till the offer has been made, accepted, the marriage ceremony performed, and the first half-year of wedded life has passed away. A woman may then begin to love, but with great precaution, very coolly, very moderately, very rationally. If she ever loves so much that a harsh word or a cold look cuts her to the heart she is a fool. If she ever loves so much that her husband's will is her law, and that she has got into the habit of watching his looks in order that she may anticipate his wishes, she will soon be a neglected fool.

Letter to Miss Ellen Nussey, November 20th, 1840.

Be her guests: Charlotte Brontë and Her Circle, by Clement K. Shorter


As soft as summer

Be it soil as soft as summer, may it have the strenght to push like spring.

On Paul Simon's Further to fly.