"...to enclose the present moment; to make it stay; to fill it fuller and fuller, with the past, the present and the future, until it shone, whole, bright, deep with understanding."

Virgina Woolf, The Years


Moments of Being II - I can't carry it for you, but I can go with you

Samwise Gamgee. You weren't so thrilled about the comparison, but I did find it flattering. I've always thought Sam is the true hero of the story. You'd rather be that other character, the human, as you described it, but no, you'd have to be Sam. If I could choose... I said, and prefered not to end the phrase. I thought it would be best to argue in favor of Sam as the true hero of the story, since he was the only one who stayed with Frodo 'till the end, and without whom he would've ended up bulking up the belly of that huge spider, or would not have been able to get rid of the ring at all. You don't have to carry no ring, you said. I didn't think you'd understand what I was trying to say. Actually, I hadn't realized I was trying to say it until after you did. I'd go with you, anyways, you said.

Samwise Gamgee. He married some girl when they all went back home. And probably had tons of boys and girls. And surely was a good father. And lived merrily.


Moments of Being I - La bellezza delle cose ama

Non hai mai sentito dire
che la bellezza delle cose
Ama sorprenderci?
- Carmen Consoli, La belleza delle cose

Y ella me escucha
Sin que yo me dé cuenta

Y ella también escucha
Sin que yo me dé cuenta:
Non hai mai sentito dire
Che la bellezza delle cose
Ama nascondersi?

Con el último sonido de la última frase las sombras que pasaban sobre ella acabaron por obscurecerla

Su belleza era infinita

La música termina
Y ella vuelve a mostrarse
Y me guiña un ojo:
Ahora me doy cuenta


El jardín de la reina

En el jardín de la reina
ha crecido un biliuzar
la raíz tiene de oro
la simiente de marfil

Imagen:  Rêverie de Armand Point
Música: El jardín de la reina de Jaramar


Fail to resist

a restless curiosity
an urge to investigate 
and discover
the ellusive places
where we meet nature
where she plays on our senses
with colors and forms
perfumes and smells
the taste and touch
of salty wind on the tongue

but much of nature is hidden from us
that we can neither see nor touch

(it's the sparkle you become
when you overcome anxiety)

[Text: Björk's Biophilia]



Todo atardecer tiene la cualidad de pintar con una tenue pátina dorada el ser de todas las cosas. O, tal vez, todo atardecer tiene la cualidad de revelar la tenue pátina dorada que se esconde detrás de todas las cosas. Incluso del aire.

Con toda seguridad en algún país, o en alguna religión, los habitantes y fieles detienen toda actividad y honran el breve misterio con devota fascinación. 

Con toda seguridad ese país, esa religión, han creado un nombre para reconocer ese fragmento del atardecer.