"...to enclose the present moment; to make it stay; to fill it fuller and fuller, with the past, the present and the future, until it shone, whole, bright, deep with understanding."

Virgina Woolf, The Years


Poem written during you-me

A photograph
on the back of a hand mirror 

resembles someone you knew 
who sang themselves utterly away. 
It cannot touch you
or the sound of the rapids.
Leave it, and walk farther 

crawling up my leg
to find me all smiles
attached to nothing.
You and I can stay
in the morning dew.
My little telephone
in the mulberry fields
going unanswered
on that blade of grass.

Poem written with Basho, by Matthew Rohrer


Ever new songs

If our heart be not meant for love
Then why at dawn do you fill the skies
With ever new songs, ever new songs
If our heart be not meant for love?

Why this garland of fainting stars
Why those brilliant beds of flowers
Why does the breeze from the southern seas
Whisper secret words from ear to ear
If our heart be not meant for love?

Why, with longing so intense,
Does the sky gaze into my eyes
If our heart be not meant for love?

Why does my heart ever, ever restless wander in its madness
Launching its bark on the great ocean
Of which no one knows the other shore?

Jodi Prem Dile Na Prane, Rabindra Sangeet sung by Lopamudra Mitra



Gods demand (O Skin, be strong)

Gods demand we waltz
the teeming hedge
soldiers spread
but can’t quell
what wells

worthwhile’s a made shape
wafting about
in the night so green
all bright ornament
and creamy delay

I take off my hat
I get off and walk

O skin be strong
expand rewardable range
build steady wealth
of shared play
don’t end at lending
nouns to property

consult the ear
consult the air

claim common right
to lick up excess
as a lock’s for frisking
a gale’s gaping gate

they say the submarine
which waves no flag
is a violator vessel

how soft its coax
how smooth its thick white head

adorned and anointed
the bodies of my loves
the fear grins
of great apes

Alli Warren's There's always some bird dog, again, with one minor, significant change.

Source: Poetry (September 2014).


Diciamo tutto in una parola sola o in una sola parola tutto nascondiamo?

Cosa diciamo quando diciamo: mare? Diciamo l'immenso mostro capace di divorarsi qualsiasi cosa, o quell'onda che ci schiuma intorno ai piedi? L'acqua che puoi tenere nel cavo della mano o l'abisso che nessuno può vedere? Diciamo tutto in una parola sola o in una sola parola tutto nascondiamo? Sto qui, a un passo del mare, e neanche riesco a capire, lui, dov'è. Il mare. Il mare.

Parole: Alessandro Baricco, Oceano mare