"...to enclose the present moment; to make it stay; to fill it fuller and fuller, with the past, the present and the future, until it shone, whole, bright, deep with understanding."

Virgina Woolf, The Years


Falling madly (and therefore obsessively) in love with Edna

St. Vincent Millay... isn't she the most perfect Orlando in this picture? 

and so renascently romantic in this one...she would touch a hundred flowers 
and not pick one, 
and watch the wind bow down the grass
and the grass rise
with quiet eyes

and here perhaps thinking: we talk of taxes, and I call you friend; 
well, such you are, but well enough we know
how thick about us root, how rankly grow
those subtle weeds no man has need to tend,
that flourish through neglect, and soon must send
perfume so sweet upon us and overthrow
our steady senses

then perhaps in her mind beginning to seek Her, her other sister, 
her other soul: Grave Silence, lovelier 
than the three loveliest maidens,
whom evermore she follows wistfully, 
wandering Heaven and Earth
and Hell and the four seasons through.

and finally... before ever sweeping floors
or making dishes done,
she shall always be found
a-sunning in the sun!

Interested? Her bio and a few poems here, and a good collection of her work in digital format here.

Variación primera: "Afternoon on a Hill",  de Renascence
Variación segunda: Sonnet I, en Second April
Variación tercera: "Ode to Silence", also in Second April
Variación cuarta: "Portrait by a Neighbor", from A Few Figs from Thistles

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